Noah's Ark in the Great Flood
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  • How old is the universe?
  • Why does it matter? 
  • Why is there so  much controversy over this issue?
  • When and how did the dinosaurs die out? 
  • Did men and dinosaurs  co-exist?
  • Were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark? 
  • Was the Flood Global? 
  • What difference does it make? 
  • Could the remains of Noah’s Ark still exist?
  • Can the finds of science coincide with the biblical account of history?
  • Is evolution scientifically tenable?
  • What do the fossils really say? 
  • What are the real spiritual roots to evolution theory?

The account of history recorded in the Bible has been demonstrated over and over again by the discoveries of both archaeologists and historians to be accurate in scope as well as each minute detail. There are no internal reasons for accepting  the accounts of, for instance, Abraham and King David as historical, while  rejecting the account of Noah as mythological.  read more about our vision and mission...

The Universe was created in six literal days - see especially  Exodus 20:11 which is part of the Ten Commandments written by God Himself: “For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day.” In Hebrew, when the plural of day, yammim, is  used with a numeral, it has no alternative meaning besides literal, twenty-four hour days. read more about creation...

The idea that dinosaurs have somehow been accurately dated to have died  out untold millions of years ago is simply untenable. No dinosaurs have been left with grave markers listing theDavid Larsen, Minister of God Cre8d Ministries, Pasadena, CA date of their demise. There seems to be a popular misconception that Carbon-14 dating can somehow be used to “date”  dinosaur fossils.  However, if dinosaurs actually died 65 million years ago, and  if their bones could have survived undecayed for that length of time, any  remaining measurable amounts of C-14 would have been gone 64.95 million years  ago. For that reason alone, C-14 dating methods would be useless.   read more about dinosaurs...

The implications of finding the remains of Noah’s Ark are  staggering. Former editor of National Geographic Magazine, Gilbert H. Grosvenor  once said, “If the ark of Noah is ever found, it will be the greatest archaeological discovery in history and the greatest event since the Resurrection of Christ; and it will alter all the currents of scientific thought.” That is an amazing admission from the editor of a magazine that has  worked tirelessly to promote the co-dependent ideas of evolution and billions of  years of time. Why would he suggest that the discovery of the ark would alter  all the currents of scientific thought?
 read more about Noah’s Ark...

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